Kelly McBride

Senior Clinician

Kelly McBride is Senior Clinical Supervisor with the Caring for Carers project. Kelly has worked in humanitarian contexts for over a decade holding a variety of clinical and technical roles across the globe.

In most recent years,  Kelly has lead the development of a model for supervision to be used by mental health and psychosocial support actors which is now being used in humanitarian and emergency contexts globally ( . Kelly provides training, supervision, and consultation to a variety of organisations and mental health practitioners globally. She has worked clinically in private practice as well as developed settings. Kelly has experienced and observed firsthand both the positive and more challenging impacts of supporting others working in humanitarian contexts, and is passionate about promoting wellbeing and resilience.  She specialises in suicide prevention, torture and trauma rehabilitation, providing trauma-informed care, and supporting community-based mental health initiatives.

Kelly holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Webster University in Saint Louis, Missouri USA, as well as a Master’s in Global Affairs and Public Policy, International Human Rights Law from The American University in Cairo, Egypt. Kelly is a Licensed Processional Counselor and a certified supervisor for mental health practitioners.